10 Reasons Why We Must Weep for Modern Christianity


My work as a journalist puts me on airplanes more than a dozen times in twelve months of the year over the last decade. Because I have no homes or friends in most of the cities I’m dropped to do my work, I find abodes in hotels. I have more than a dozen Bibles in my library, which means I could afford not to take a particular Bible with me two times on my journalistic trips in a period of one year. Yet, even when I considered a Bible in my luggage as a burden [though I’ve never felt so] I would not worry. Why? There used to be copies of the Holy Bible in English and French in hotels where I used to lodge. However, in the last three years I began to notice the absence of Bibles in the drawers by the bedside in hotel rooms. I initially saw them conspicuously missing in hotel rooms outside Nigeria – including in God’s Own Country America. But to my astonishment, hotel owners have taken them out in Nigeria as well. It’s like those in the industry have united to remove the Holy Bible from hotel rooms.

My initial thoughts were that it was the wind of the digital era that has blown the Bible out through the windows of hotel rooms. Yes, I have several versions of the Holy Bible in my android phones. But the sense of divine presence that I used to feel when I saw printed versions of the Holy Bible by my bedside was a spiritual value that I cannot derive from having the digital Bible app on my phone. Lodgers in hotels who do not have over a dozen Bibles like I have, and who forget to take the only copy of the Bible [some torn and defaced by their children or overuse] would stay in hotels without an opportunity to read the Word of God over the period they are away from their homes – and Church activities. In this way, they are vulnerable to sinful attacks.

But, as I pondered on this issue, I realised that removing the Bible from hotel rooms  is just one of 10 ways I have noticed that Satan is winning in the battle for the souls of men in this Millennium [post-Christian] Age. I have identified close to a dozen other ways:

  1. Satan has taken copies of the Holy Bible from hotel rooms (Mark 4:14)
  2. Satan has rebranded immoral dressing so that it is appealing as evidence of prosperity (2 Cor. 11:14)
  3. Satan is actively converting Christian youths to secret cultists in higher institutions (1Pet.5:8)
  4. Satan has removed ‘Hell’ from the rhetoric of many preachers, though we are aware that on a daily basis people die and go to Hell. (Gen.3:4)
  5. Satan has portrayed wild living as good life, so that effeminate young men are accommodated [not rebuked] in the drive for an all-inclusive Christianity. (Lev 20: 15-16)
  6. Satan has silenced evangelists from engaging “morning cry” and preaching [or praying] in buses. (Matt. 10;33)
  7. Satan has made ‘pastors’ a laughing stock because those who bear the title participate in evil activities.(Zacharia 3:3)
  8. Satan has redesigned sexual immorality as a mark of freedom of self-expression (Heb.13:14)
  9. Satan has hardened the hearts of sinners such that they no longer rush in tears to the altar to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ. These days, everyone is a born again Christian (Rom.1:28)
  10. Satan has made the Power of the Holy Ghost to look so commonplace that sinners are no longer in awe of this Power, even when He manifests (Mark 3:29)

Instead of surrendering the world to Satan, Christians of this Age should rise to the challenge of our times

What to do? Instead of surrendering the world to Satan, Christians of this Age should rise to the challenge of our times. In every era in the last 2000 years Christianity has come under diverse challenges, but firebrand, enthusiastic and Charismatic Christians have risen to the challenge to take the kingdom by force.


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