10 things to note about suicide bombing in Madagali


On Sunday, two female suicide bombers attacked Magar village in Madagali Local Government Area of Adamawa State, killing themselves and one other woman. What does this mean to the people and the counter-terrorism measures of government?
1. Boko Haram uses such suicide bombing to draw attention of government to the fact that they are still around, even at locations where they tended to have gone under.
2. Madagali LGA shares borders with Gwoza and Sambisa Forest where Boko Haram has reigned for a long time.
3. It also shows that the sect has many slave girls available for use in suicide bombing
4. Boko Haram has used more female suicide bombers than any other terrorist group in the world
5. The sect uses more female suicide bombers because they don’t elicit suspicion
6. There is still more work to do in mobilising the civilian population against Boko Haram. As long as they are prevalent, they will continue to intimidate the civilian population.
7. There may be some measure of indoctrination going in around the place, such that the sect may still be recruiting membership into its fold.
8. Madagali has a majority Christian population, put at 70 per cent
9. It is close of Michika, which is said to have a majority Christian population of 85 per cent
10. Attacks show that Boko Haram is still prosecuting its anti-Christian agenda.


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