Recession: Don’t hope in economists, social scientists for solution, clerics tell Nigerians


The General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Church (AG) Nigeria, Rev. Prof. Paul Emeka has tasked the federal and state governments to quickly introduce palliatives to reduce the hardship Nigerians are experiencing following the current economic recession.

Addressing newsmen at the opening of the Assemblies of God’s annual prayer convention, entitled “Peniel 2016”, at the Church’s national headquarters in Enugu Tuesday, Rev Emeka explained that with
the protracted hardship facing the nation, it was only a matter of time before the nation faces serious consequences.

Announcing that over 20, 000 people were expected at the annual revival summit, Rev Emeka stressed that the theme for this year’s Peniel, “The Atmosphere of Victory”, was impressed on the people by God who he said would use the opportunity of the prayers that would be offered to give
the church victory over its internal strife, and Nigerians over the economic challenges.
He said: “By victory we don’t really mean one camp defeating the other camp,
what we mean is that all of us will join together and defeat Satan who
perpetrated this crisis, who instigated people to bring things that could cause the crisis; we are going to have unanimous victory over Satan and we are seeing the atmosphere charged with the spirit of
victory and we are happy for that.”

The cleric however admonished the people not to invest their hopes in leaders but in God who, he said, has the permanent solution to man’s overall socio-political and spiritual challenges.

Emeka sais: “I also want to say to the leaders, they are the managers of the economy of the nation so they should do whatever they can to minimize or mitigate the suffering, because people are really suffering. All the languages of the economy they are bringing to justify the hardship, nobody understands, all we want is try whatever you can to mitigate it and to make us at least live like other citizens.
“As things are in the nation now, the more it seems our leaders are trying, the more things seem to be getting off hand. For that reason, our word of advice for the citizens in the country is to depend upon God, not to take advantage of this recession and hardship to begin to embark on things that are not normal, crimes and so on and so forth in order to make ends meet. We must have this faith that every situation is temporary and it will come and go but God is permanently concerned for the affairs of His people.”rev-prof-paul-emeka


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